DCS Competes In Top Echelon Kitchen Appliances

dcs-ventilationDCS stand for Dynamic Cooking System. The DCS Company was purchased in 2004 by the Fisher and Paykel Company. Fisher and Paykel is a major appliance company based in East Tamaki, New Zealand. They expanded to the United States and purchased the based cookware manufacturer called Dynamic Cooking System, also known as DCS.

The Fisher and Paykel Company was founded in 1934 by Woolf Fisher and Maurice Paykel. The company is known for appliances such as Active Smart refrigerators, aero tech ovens, smart drive washing machines, smartload top loading dryers, and dishdrawer dishwashers. The Fisher and Paykel Company now sells products in more than 80 different countries worldwide. It is known for creating appliances which do not break the bank, but are still some of the highest quality items you will find in the modern kitchen. A DCS kitchen is one that will wow the most picky of guest.

DCS Ventilation Systems

When cooking chefs love the smell of good food and aromas but there are smells they wish to separate from. Grease, steam and burnt smelling odors can cling to household furnishings and clothing. The DCS ventilation systems prevent these problems. The DCS vent hood and downdraft systems have your kitchen the way that you want it. It gives us the option of cooking on high heats and fires and producing a lot of smoke without setting off smoke alarms.

True chefs as well as household cooks appreciate these ventilation hood and system. The DCS hood ventilation options are island Vent Hoods, Wall Hoods Traditional, Wall Hoods Euro and Downdraft systems. These different styles and sizes can accommodate any kitchen needs of ventilation. The heavy duty stainless steel mesh and baffles are dishwasher safe, which aids the cleaning process. Cleaning DCS ventilation products couldn’t be easier. The added features of halogen lighting powerfully illuminate your kitchen working space. These DCS ventilation hoods and downdraft systems range from $1000 to $3000 depending on model and size.

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The DCS Ventilation Range

  • The DCS traditional ventilation hood comes in 30”, 36”, and 48” sizes. This traditional ventilation comes in a brushed stainless steel finish. They feature 2 level halogen lighting, 4 level exhaust controls and a 1200cfm rating. The maximum duct length is 40 ft.
  • The DCS Euro ventilation hood is very similar to the traditional ventilation hood but with a less bulky frame, making it more sleek and slim. The euro ventilation system also has 2 level halogen lighting and a 4 level exhaust control. They are also available in 30”, 36” and 48” widths with the maximum duct length of 40 feet. The CFM differs at 600. It has a vertical discharge only.
  • The DCS Island ventilation hood has a great slim design. It comes in a stainless steel exterior with an equipped powerful 1200 CFM motor. This ventilation hood allows you to make the most amazing meals without distasteful odors. The DCS Island hoods also come with the DCS standard 2 level halogen lights and 4 level exhaust controls. The sizes of the DCS Island ventilation hoods differ from the other models, at 40” and 52”.
  • The DCS downdraft system is another kitchen ventilation accessory. The DCS downdraft system comes in two sizes, 30” and 36”. The brushed stainless steel downdraft system has a 600 CFM motor. The stainless steel mesh filters are dishwasher friendly making them easy to clean and maintain. These DCS downdraft system has infinite speed control and a maximum 40ft duct length. This downdraft system works perfect with the 30 or 36 inch drop in cooktop. It has simple one touch operation.

Advantages of DCS Kitchen Ventilation Products

When working in a kitchen, especially for an extended amount of time, the smoke can be a problem. Chefs don’t like to work with lots of smoke and grease smells imposing on their foods, clothing and furniture. These DCS ventilation products serve a great purpose in eliminating that problem. Trying to cook successfully in a kitchen without a good ventilation system is more than difficult.

For  appointment with our technician for DCS Ventilation Repair please call: 800 – 603 – 6765

These DCS ventilation systems are a must in the kitchen and can make the process of cooking extremely easy. The systems have one touch control which makes them easy to use – no difficult setting s and buttons to figure out how to use properly. Stainless steel designs make it easy to clean. Grease can build up on your ventilation hoods and systems, so having the option of stainless steel is the best. The mesh filters are also stainless steel and dishwasher friendly which makes the whole process of cleaning child’s play.

DCS Ventilation System Repair

The DCS ventilation systems are pricey, and this can be a concern when it comes to DCS ventilation repair. You want to have a great system and maintain it well so DCS appliance repair won’t become a problem or concern.

The DCS Company has a 1 year warranty on ventilation products covering all material and labor for DCS ventilation repair. There should be no cost to the consumer within the first year. After the first year the DCS ventilation system is covered for switches and motors. In this case, the DCS Company pays for all material, and the consumer pays for the labor.

DCS ventilation rarely has problems or receive complaints from consumers. They do have issues after years of use (which some would call average wear and tear), and they stand tall with the competition.

The Future of DCS Appliances

The DCS brand is competing with top brands like Viking, Thermador and Wolf when it comes to household and commercial kitchen appliances. DCS might be the cheapest out the pack, but holds ground when compared to these other brands. DCS might need to add a tad more technology if it were to serious challenge these competitors.

In this day and age technology is heavily integrated into our kitchen appliances. The style and look of the DCS brand is great. When the DCS brand adds more technology to their kitchen appliances, they can move up the list of top echelon kitchen appliance manufacturers.