Troubleshooting DCS Ranges

dcs-range-repairThe Fisher and Paykel Company opened its doors in 1934. When it began, it was a tiny little business that designed a few appliance products with a license. Since then, this company has really expanded and branched out. Today, they make a wide variety of products for both the kitchen and laundry rooms in both homes and businesses.

Innovative Leaders

Their appliances are designed especially to be environmentally friendly. They design their products to use less energy and, in the products that use water, less water. In reality the Fisher and Paykel Company has created many firsts for the world. They were the company that made the first electronic washing machine. They created a technology entitled Smart Drive, which was the first of its kind and is a direct drive motor. They made this technology in the nineties. This technology was designed to be very efficient in removing tough dirt from clothing, without the need for a pre-soak. The Fisher and Paykel Company was also the first company to create a top load dryer made for high capacity. They created a technology for water and energy efficiency called AquaSmart.

Fisher and Paykel laundry machines are designed to be highly efficient, quick, as well as nice to look at. Their washing machines are very user friendly and easy for the user to install and control. The Fisher and Paykel brand also makes many products for kitchens in both the commercial realm as well as the home environment.

One highly innovative product that they made was the DishDrawer, which is something that they made the very first of. It is a very different type of product that is designed to make dish washing easier and more user friendly. They also made the AeroTech system, which is a convection cooking system, which they created one of the first of its type.

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They also have come out with the very first gas through glass cooktop. This appliance is designed for precision cooking as well as ease of use and energy efficiency. They also created a drawer refrigeration system. This is a unique appliance in that it has multiple compartments which allow the user to set individual temperatures. This product is very easy to use and allows the consumer to have a lot of control over what the appliance does.

The DCS Company

The DCS Company has its parent company in Fisher and Paykel. The DCS Company didn’t exist until the nineteen eighties. This portion of the company was originally just going to be for the commercial and business industry, but later on was greatly expanded for the home as well. The DSC Company carries a variety of products, including grills and cooktops. They have products for both indoors and outdoors. Their products are designed to be user friendly, yet still allow the user to cook very professionally. The DSC brand is a company that is known for having products that are high end, durable, and technologically advanced. They are constantly coming out with new, better products.

DCS New Product Range

DCS have launched a new line of products as recently as January. Their newest products are designed to look extra nice in their environments, whether in the kitchen or laundry room, inside or outside. Expect new lines of their products to come out very often because they are constantly growing and improving their products. They have designed their products to function very well and to last a very long time. They have created a grill called the Liberty Island for the commercial sector. This grill is highly innovative and very unique. They have also recreated their grill system called the Outdoor Module. This newly redesigned product is made to be highly functional and to be very user friendly. Finally, the DSC Company offers a variety of high quality refrigeration systems. They even have refrigerators that are designed for use in the outdoors. These products are designed to be of excellent quality and to perform very well. DSC products tend to be easy to install and easy to use.

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DCS Range Repair

DCS appliance repair can sometimes be needed after you’ve had an appliance and use it on a daily basis for years. There are some forms of DCS appliance repair that can be done at home by yourself and some that you probably can’t. Sometimes it just takes a little bit of troubleshooting to get to the root of the problem. Sometimes you just need to take the time to figure it out for yourself and you can save yourself a ton of money in repairs.

To do many of these tests, you will need an electrical multi-tester or a Fluke digital multi-meter. Troubleshooting most ranges is going to be pretty simple because most of the DSC range appliances are very simple. You will find that there will be breakers and fuses to check, so you should at least have a passing familiarity with those so that you can begin to isolate the problem.

Troubleshooting DCS Range Power Issues

The first thing that you will always want to check if you don’t have power to your appliance is to make sure that it hasn’t come unplugged. Sometimes things can come unplugged without you realizing it. Also check to see if they breaker hasn’t been tripped. This is also a common cause of not having power to your range appliance.

Finally, check to see that the power cord is intact. If you find that there is damage to the cord, you should not hesitate to replace it. Not only will it not work if it’s damaged, but it can also pose a physical danger.

Troubleshooting DCS Range Door Issues

If the problem is that the door to the oven won’t close, check a couple of different things. First, check to make sure that the hinge isn’t broken. Also check to see if anything seems to be out of alignment. You can probably adjust some of this yourself if that’s the problem. You might also have missing springs in the door that need to be replaced.

For the DCS range repair, you should also check to see if the switch has gone bad if you can’t turn the oven down. DCS range repair can be done at home if you take the time to troubleshoot the problem.