DSC Refrigerators – Stylish and Functional

dcs-refrigerator-repairDSC refrigerators are among the most stylish on the market. Take the 36″ model as an example. It is a beautiful-looking appliance with modern styling that includes stainless steel doors and long, elegant handles. Although its looks are perfectly suited for a modern interior, this model also looks very good in other decors because it looks businesslike and functional. It has the advantage of being the same depth as counter-tops so it doesn’t protrude from your cabinets in the way that so many other models do. This is one reason why kitchen designers like to recommend this refrigerator to their clients.

DCS Refrigerator Interiors

The interior has been well thought out too with ample space for fresh food, produces, jars, juices and dairy products. Special compartments are featured which makes it easy to store your food supplies easily and conveniently. This manufacturer uses a tri-sensor control system to make their cooling appliances efficient. This means that the refrigerator has three thermostats to control the temperature of different areas. Because foods need storing at different temperatures, this is very convenient as food can be stored in its own ideal conditions. There was a time when ice makers were placed on the outside of the door of refrigerators but these have fallen out of favor in recent years. DCS is aware of this and so their models feature internal ice makers which automatically make up to one kilo of ice every day. What a boon this is in warm weather. The water to make the ice is also filtered by the system, which means that it is fresh and healthy every time.

DCS Refrigerator Energy Efficiency

Attention has also been paid to the energy efficiency of DCS refrigerators and by using the latest technology and clever insulation methods, DCS models have Energy Star status. Most people today are concerned about the amount of energy they use in their homes. Electricity can be expensive and overusing it is not environmentally friendly, so many people today are particularly looking for energy-efficient appliances that will cut their household bills and will be friendlier to the planet.

DCS believe that great meals start with fantastic ingredients and this is one of the reasons they have paid particular attention to the way food is stored in their appliances. Fresh food is a necessity of life and more and more, people today are adopting healthy eating habits. Many people are also appreciating the value of raw foods and salads in their diet and it’s essential that these foods should be served when they are in prime condition. Because of high gas prices and awareness of energy consumption, very few people go to the grocery store every day, or even every week. So it’s important to have a great cooling appliance to keep fruit, vegetables, meat and fish in perfect condition. Today, people expect their food to last longer than they ever did in the past. By storing foods in the right part of the refrigerator, foods can be kept in excellent condition until you’re ready to use them to create your family’s meals.

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Rich Heritage

DCS appliances are made by Fisher and Paykel with a heritage that dates as far back as the 1930s. From the start, this company was looking for ways to produce innovative ways of storing fresh foods and technology played a large part in this development. They were also innovators of various production methods which helped the company to grow, when combined with their superior products. Today the company has offices and manufacturing plants in several different countries including Australia, New Zealand, Italy, Thailand and Mexico as well as in the United States. In recent years the company has been very concerned about environmental issues and all their appliances, not just the refrigerators, are especially designed to reduce the amount of energy used. In addition, water consumption is also a factor that is strongly taken into account when these appliances were designed. The way they are engineered is important in reducing our environmental impact. Even the materials used in the manufacturing process are carefully selected. Parts are carefully manufactured to make DCS appliance repair easier too. But style is not forgotten in the quest to manufacture energy-efficient appliances, as the company has received many design awards.

A DCS refrigerator is certainly a good choice for any householder who is looking for a safe way to store their food while at the same time limiting their environmental impact. A good refrigerator is always a good investment in your home and not only because it’s essential to keep your family’s food fresh and healthy. Real estate professionals agree that good appliances are a major factor during the sales decision. Most house buyers want to have a kitchen that they can move into right away without the added expense of replacing old or poor quality appliances.

DCS Refrigerator Repair

Of course, even the best appliances will need repair at some time. There are one or two problems that all refrigerators can be prone to due to general wear and tear or accidental damage. If you find that this is the case, it’s important to find someone who can effectively perform your DCS appliance repair. Compressors can be a problem with any make or model of fridge. This component has the major task of sending the coolant to all the areas of the appliance. After several years smooth running, condensers can overheat. Similarly the condenser coils can be damaged due to a dirt or dust build up.

For  appointment with our technician for DCS Refrigerator Repair please call: 800 – 520-7059

Condenser coils should be regularly cleaned and if there is any sort of problem in this area it is a good idea to contact your DCS refrigerator repair expert before the problem becomes worse as this can prevent further damage. The gasket – the seal that keeps the refrigerated air inside your appliance can also become less effective with age and again, your DCS refrigerator repair specialist will be able to help and offer advice on how you should care for and maintain this important appliance.

DCS refrigerators are a smart choice for today’s kitchen and with care and maintenance they will ensure that your family eats fresh and healthy foods without damaging the environment or using energy unwisely.